Wyoming-born rock.  Bringing spirits from the cliff edges of the Wind River Mountains and the boiling wonderscapes of Yellowstone, the new 70+ minute original album evokes by turns  mountain-ized refigurings of classic, jam and alt rock flavors--from The Who to Phish, The Kinks to The Spin Doctors, Pink Floyd to Foo Fighters, Bob Dylan and The Band to Wilco.  

Evans' lyrics conjur shades of John Prine, Lenny Kravitz or at times even Leonard Cohen. Now and then a line can stick like one of Robert Frost's, a la "Nothing Gold Can Stay."

Performing in wild Wyoming for over a decade, Ben Evans and Crazy Honey is Ben Evans (words and music; lead vocals), Donnie Steele (bass, backing vocals), Devin King (drums and percussion) and Brian Hensien (lead guitar). 

The band features explosive reactivity from its rhythm section--Steele's melodic aggression, Evans' spontaneously varied rhythm guitar playing, and King's Keith Moon-like frenzies--to Hensien's sky-arching leads. Evans' character-driven voice and words only seem to drive the explosiveness further. 

Now mixing and mastering their second album, with temp bassist Jake Fleming, Evans and comrades are inspired to keep making records and playing shows for audiences geared toward their high-spirited rock: a blend of wilderness-infused rawness coupled with Evans' apparent lyrical ambition to be a kind of "Rumi of Rock" from the Northern Rockies.

Ben Evans in the studio

Brian Hensien in the studio

Devin King live in Lander, Wyoming

Donnie Steele live in Lander, Wyoming